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Training courses for teachers are in three levels

Asahi Nordic offers a level C training program for those interested in becoming Asahi teachers or for those who would like to get to know more about Asahi for their own practice. It is a weekend course composed of 12 hours of instruction. The course introduces the first and second Asahi exercise series, gives an introduction to Asahi-combo and the principles of gentle exercise as well as information on the medical implications of Asahi. Level C training is open to everyone.

Become an Asahi Instructor

it´s possible to become an Asahi teacher online. The web class consists of six parts of material online and one or two online classes on Skype or some other form of web consultation.


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International Head Trainers

Become an Asahi instructor with our help. We teach you! Our international teachers are the two of the founders of Asahi. 

Head trainers from left:

  • Margaret Vainio (USA)
  • Maarit Lintukorpi
  • Yrjö Mähönen, internal medicine and geriatrical specialist, founder of the Asahi
  • Risto Lehto
  • Ilpo Jalamo, coach, founder of the Asahi

You can be an Asahi instructor

You can be an Asahi instructor by our web class. We have more and more international courses for example in Greece and USA.

It is also possible to study with our webclasses. See more!


Asahi Nordic system


  • Beginners class for practitioners 3-4 hours
  • Teacher class, C-licence. 12 hours 
  • Advanced class, B-licence. 12 hours
  • Instructor/trainer assistant, A-instructor
  • Instructor/trainer class. A1-instructor. Instructor can teach new C-licence teachers
  • Instructor/trainer A2-class. Unlimited teaching for C- and B-licence teachers


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Training programs for teachers

ASAHI ADVANCED TEACHER TRAINING level B is also a weekend course of 12 hours, which delves deeper into the first and second Asahi exercise series and introduces the third series. In addition there is training in how to combine modules of different series to fit specific needs. We use the term flow where each exercise is done only once flowing from one to another creating an unbroken chain. The course teaches also ways to do the Asahi practice in a sitting position or in bed, and offers a good forum for Asahi teachers to share experiences. This course is open only to Asahi Nordic members.


ASAHI ADVANCED TEACHER TRAINING level A is designed for certified Asahi teachers with many years of experience, who are interested in training new Asahi teachers

The levels are

  • A-level, assistant trainer
  • A 1 -level for trainers
  • A 2 -level is the head instructor/trainer. A2-trainer can also be the regional leader or even the country manager of local Asahi Nordic activity



It is also possible to become an Asahi instructor with our web class. Ask more

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C-level web class
A-level / the head instructor
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