Practise asahi and be healthy

Check your local adult education program, sports club or directory of associations to see if there are asahi groups meeting in your area. It is also possible to learn asahi by yourself, if you can’t find an Asahi Nordic chapter or an asahi group close by.  To get a better idea of asahi training, check the English booklet published by Asahi Nordic Association

Yrjö Mähönen has made a DVD showing all three series of asahi exercises. This is available directly from Yrjö Mähönen: You can also join a local association that provide sasahi instruction. Find the teacher closest to you by looking at the instructor´s list on our Finnish website or contact jalamoil@saunalahti for help.

Asahi Nordic Association offers basic courses several times a year for people who practice by themselves. You can find out more about these under Courses and Events on this webpage.
Good ways to get more benefit out of your asahi practice is to participate in asahi camps, workshops, private lessons, “health days” or asahi oriented trips which this association organizes. Everything is done in a relaxed atmosphere in the company of friendly people. Health is a serious issue, but taking care of it is a lot of fun! The slogan of asahi is: “No pain, big gain.”

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