A Simple And Healthy Idea.

ASAHI* is A Versatile Fitness Program

* [ah-sah-he] All syllabes are short.

ASAHI is a form of physical exercise that can be practiced by people of all ages and in all states of health. It is a very simple, but comprehensive and efficient exercise routine, which helps people to improve their health and quality of life. ASAHI movements and breathing progress simultaneously at a slow tempo. The basic routine warms up, exercises and relaxes the whole body systematically.

ASAHI can be practiced by the elderly, by pregnant women, as well as by those with joint and spinal problems. Also people in weak physical condition or those who are overweight can participate right away, because the practice is gentle and respects each person’s own limitations. The slow, stretching movements in ASAHI are ideal for athletes as a restorative practice after a hard workout.

ASAHI NORDIC ry is an organization for ASAHI teachers and students, whose purpose is to promote the practice of ASAHI by offering basic training programs for beginners, as well as beginning and advanced teacher training. The organization also offers health events and ASAHI camps as part of its program. It was founded in 2015. Join today and become a member of the growing number of people who practice ASAHI! As a member of our team, you can promote this practical source of well-being that is accessible for all.



Please ask for id and password by email asahinordic@gmail.com

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