Practice Asahi with our videos online

There is a lot of videos how to to do Asahi. Most of them are in Finnish but there will be more and more videos also in English.

Practice Asahi at home

You can follow the movements during the practice.  You can practice Asahi wherever you like. Just take your mobile phone and open our website and do Asahi.

Asahi demonstration

Practice the Asahi number one. There are four modules in one Asahi serie. First module is the relaxation, then there is the upper back practice. After that there is the lower back practice. The last part is the balance.

Asahi instructor

Become an Asahi instructor with our web class. 

See more at the instructor classes page

More energy with Asahi

Asahi helps you to get more energy. Sometimes we are tired after the day at work. Do Asahi and maintain your health.

Asahi 2

This video is from the Asahi web class for new instructors. See more at instructors´page.

Asahi nr. two has some changes compared to nr. one. There is more balance practicing and the new idea is strengthening your bones.

We do it in the beginning in relaxation part by hitting strongly forward.

The other one is in balance part. We drop our body in the second move from toes to heels so that our whole body shivers.

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