Asahi and your health

Ever since the practice of asahi was developed, its health effects have been the subject of research in Finland. There hasn’t been any major scientific research done on asahi yet, but many pilot studies have been carried out. Reports of the results of these studies are published in the association’s newsletter and included in the material given in teacher-training programs, so that the teachers will have up-to-date information about the health effects of asahi.

Chinese tai chi is similar to asahi in the basic principles behind the practice. That is why many of the same scientific findings about the positive health effects of tai chi also apply to asahi.

Asahi is a safe exercise method with no side-effects, not even knee pains, which may result from practicing tai chi. According to the responses received from those who practice asahi, it has eased, or, in some cases, completely eliminated, the following, e.g.: painful conditions in the shoulder, problems in the neck and shoulder area, pain in other joints, back problems, blood pressure and stress.
The practice of asahi has improved e.g.: the quality of sleep, sense of balance, movement flexibility and physical coordination.

One of the world’s leading medical newpapers, New England Journal of Medicine, has published an article about the effect of tai chi on the functional capacity of Parkinson patients. 

In Finland, preliminary research has been done using the practice of asahi or tai chi to reduce the risk of falling among the elderly. 

Internal medicine and geriatrical specialist Yrjö Mähönen has been largely responsible for the the medical research related to asahi. Mähönen has appeared on several health oriented television programs and has become the personification of asahi. Ph. Docent Timo Klemola has written several books on the connection between physical training and mental training. 

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