Asahi is a health fitness program

Asahi, a fitness program developed in Finland, is designed for people of western culture. It is suitable for people of all ages and in all states of health. Asahi is a simple, but comprehensive form of exercise that is designed to promote physical health and mental stability. Even though the exercises are simple, the principles behind the practice go very deep and are grounded in western thought and medical science. Asahi can be utilized as recovery training following other forms of exercise, as a practice to increase flexibility, and can be safely practiced by people with joint and back disorders, with age-related issues, or during pregnancy.

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Ways to practice Asahi

It is very easy to begin Asahi, because the movements are easy to do right from the beginning. It is possible to practice Asahi alone, in small groups or in large masses. It can be done at home, at the gym, or out in nature. The necessary equipment is always with you – that is, you! Asahi serves as a great exercise break at the workplace. Any clothing that permits you to move freely is suitable for practicing Asahi. It can be done barefoot, in socks or wearing shoes. The exercises can be done while sitting – in the office, on a business trip, during a flight or while watching television. But the whole basic series was designed to be done standing up and for this reason it is especially suitable for those who have difficulties lying on the floor or sitting.

What are the benefits of Asahi?

The goal of Asahi is to induce good health and well-being and to alleviate health disorders. By practicing Asahi, one increases muscle tone, coordination and develops ergonomic skills. It helps to increase concentration, reduce stress and is a good recovery practice after work or sports. It also helps elderly people maintain the ability to live at home and care for themselves.