Instructors of Asahi Nordic

Please see for the list of instructors or contact directly our head instructors. They`ll help you to find an English speaking instructor closest to you.

Instructors in Finland you find in our webpages in Finnish

Head instructors of Asahi Nordic are

  • Yrjö Mähönen, Helsinki, Finland/ Fi,Swe, Eng
  • Ilpo Jalamo, Turku, Finland/ Fi, Eng

Send email to Asahi Nordic:

  • Rein Paluoja B-license Tallinna/Eesti/ su,eng,ee
  • Sven Raba B-license Tallinna/Eesti/su,eng,ee
  • Jüri Undusk B-license Vosu/Eesti/su,ee 
  • Ken Kuusalu C-license Tarto, Eesti
  • Margaret Vainio B-license Rhodes, Fin, Eng.
  • Ulla Roth Margaritis, C-license, Rhodes, Fin, Eng. Greek,
  • Tasia Kritikou, C-license, Rhodes, Fin, Greek,
  • Matts Andersson C-license Stockholm/ Ruotsi/ru,eng
  •  Majbritt Jensen,, Aalborg area
  •  Julie Thoft,, Aalborg area
  •  Nadia Slavkova,, Aalborg area
  •  Palle Thoft,, Aalborg area
  • Mary Jurisson C-licence, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN,
  • Robin Stice C-licence, Pacifica,CA,
  • Dawn Greenwood C-licence, Oak Growe, MN,
  • Carol Curtis C-licence, Urbana, IL,
  • Patricia Lyll C-licence, Minneapolis, MN,
  • Jeff Sartain, C-licence, Minneapolis MN,
  • Mark Sedio, C-licence, Minneapolis, MN,
  • Leena Koivuniemi, C-licence, Detroit MI,

Please ask for id and password by email

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